How to use words to grow your business

FREE Copywriting Workshop

Harpenden, Thursday 19th May, 2022
9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

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Do you have a marketing role where you’re expected to write persuasively?

Has your copy failed to get the responses you need?

Do you spend hours frustrating over the next promotion/blog/ad?

Now you can get some formal guidance and direction.

Our FREE workshop will take you through the 5 fundamentals of good copywriting and alert you to some of the common pitfalls.

As well as coming away with a checklist of best-practice tips, you will get to analyse the devices and strategies that the best writers use.

From writing compelling headlines and interest-building sub headlines, you will learn how to create desire for your products or services and make people contact you.

Who should attend?

The workshop leaders

This FREE workshop is for anybody who wants a solid foundation in how to use words to sell. No previous knowledge or experience is required. It’s likely that you recognise the importance of words in shaping your marketing performance.

Doug Jenner and Chris Edwards are experienced and successful copywriters. They are marketing professionals who have worked for multinational blue-chip organisations, SMEs and startups. They know how to use copywriting to sell - in digital and traditional media. They will show you even the smallest tweaks to your written copy can make a big difference to how it works for you.

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